Friday, June 26, 2009

Riverside Food Pantry

This piece was produced a week before the Reverend Brad Braxton scandal unfolded. It turns out that in the middle of a recession, one of New York’s most famous churches is paying its new pastor more than $600,000 a year....meanwhile their food pantry is running low on supply and the demand is increasing. I worked with Faith Abubey on this Morningside feature. You can log on to Columbia News Tonight to see the story on Reverend Braxton.

Bernie Madoff Guilty Plea

This piece aired on Columbia News Tonight the day following Madoff's guilty plea. I worked with Faith Abubey.

Shoplift Increase in Morningside Heights

This is a Morningside feature I produced for Columbia News Tonight. The reporter is Kelly Asmuth.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lupe's Place

In honor of LGBT pride week I'm posting the very first piece I produced at the J-School. It explores the struggles transgender people face when it comes to basic civil rights at the work place. The piece was produced during Spring 2007.

NYC Helps Senior Citizens

This story is about a homesharing program sponsored by the New York Foundation for Senior Citizens. The reporter is Prune Perromat from Columbia News Tonight.